work methodology

Sharp and rigorous methodology at each step of the strategy

Efficiency, accuracy, transparency

3 keywords around which I build my philosophy.

A long-term vision based on listening, advice, responsiveness and trust.

My methodology and choice of actions are clearly defined and articulated as follows:

  • Planning, developing and implementing PR strategies
  • Establishment of a retro schedule approved with the client
  • Developing a custom Press file
  • Writing press tools: press kit, press release, forum, business cases …
  • Sending information to journalists and influencers and thereafter follow ups
  • Follow up with personalized journalists, editing interviews
  • Organization of meetings and Press conferences
  • Organizing events (Travel Press, convention, site visits, web conferencing …)
  • Monitoring press coverage and development of a press-book
  • Weekly or Monthly Activity Report
  • Review and analysis of press coverage


1) What is Public relations?

  • Public relations also called media relations is basically raising the awareness of products and services through the media. This includes the traditional media i.e. TV, radio, and newspapers, and also digital media (news sites, blogging, social media etc).  These days it is vital to ensure you have a solid web presence to support your business. Both aspects are integral to a modern communications strategy.
  • PR is the life source of your business. Clever communication impacts positively how your processes are carried out, how problems are resolved, the way people work, feel and think about their roles. It affects who knows about your business, how they find out about it, what they say and think of it, their experience of your products and services and can also impact customer loyalty.

2) How to build media relations ?

Over the long term: knowing the newspapers and journalists. To do this, the PR manager has several levers of action.

  • An expanded network media
  • A custom file press
  • Relationships of trust and collaboration

3) How to conduct media relations ?

  • However, though the landscape has changed drastically, the basic skills (good writing, communication, planning, measurement etc.) are still core. Good PR means combining these skills with digital tools/platforms.
  • In the digital age and in a context of difficulty of the press, the time is not the dissemination of mass information but very qualitative approaches to content and more targeted identification of interlocutors-influencers. Influencers who are both journalists, bloggers and end consumers, the journalist who himself has several digital identities and uses social networks to spread its articles or to inform quickly, but also as sources of information.

The importance of PR as part of a digital strategy

  • Public relations activity today includes raising your profile online as well as engaging with traditional media. The mix of media that are relevant to your business will depend on what you need to achieve – from establishing a brand with a local audience through to national exposure
  • We access a myriad of online outlets with optimised content to maximise exposure of your message.  PR content is also perfect for SEO (search engine optimisation) and online marketing activity.

 Suzana Biseul RP helps you to :

  • Boost reputation by connecting with journalists, bloggers & influencers
  • Showcase your news using online news release distribution system
  • Monitor everything across print, online, broadcast & social media
  • Increase efficiency with real time reporting on all aspects of your PR


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